Vehicle Registration: General Information

Ordering a Personalized Licence Plate for your Vehicle

To order a personalized licence plate for your vehicle, do the following:
  1. Use the online service, Ordering a Personalized Licence Plate. Be sure to have your most recent registration certificate for the vehicle in question on hand (or your most recent driver’s licence if you are not yet the owner or lessee of the vehicle).
  2. Pay the applicable fees.
The Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec will then send you an email informing you as to whether or not your chosen character combination is accepted. If accepted, the combination will be automatically sent to the manufacturer, who will produce the plate and mail it to you directly.
Activating a Personalized Licence Plate
A personalized licence plate must be activated before it is placed on your vehicle. The procedure to follow for activation of your new plate will be indicated on the sticker attached to it by the manufacturer.
Driving a road vehicle or allowing a vehicle to be driven with a non-activated personalized licence plate is an offence and is subject to a fine

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