Public Mother's Milk Bank Program

Register for the Public Mothers' Milk Bank

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This page is being updated. Meanwhile, as the information currently online may not be complete, we invite you to consult the French version. Thank you for your understanding.

Here is how to register for the Public Mothers’ Milk Bank:

  1. Fill out the following forms:
    1. Registration Form
    2. Consent to Donation – Cord Blood/Mother’s Milk
  2. Have a health professional fill out the form Public Mothers’ Milk Bank – Professional’s Consent
  3. Send all 3 forms to Héma-Québec by email or postal mail
  4. Answer a questionnaire and have a blood sample taken to ensure that you qualify
If the health professional charges a fee for signing the form Public Mothers’ Milk Bank – Professional’s Consent, fill out the form Request for Reimbursement and send it with your application, together with your receipt. 

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