Criminal Record or Criminal Background Checks

Requesting a Criminal Background Check for a Person Who Works with a Vulnerable Clientele Outside Québec

To request a criminal background check for a person who works with a vulnerable clientele outside Québec, the person must proceed as follows:

  1. contact the local police department (to find their contact information, use the online service Bottin des services de police) to request and complete the form Consentement à une vérification – Secteur vulnérable/empêchement – Hors protocole (in French only)
  2. attach to the form a letter written by the individual or organization for which they work, explaining the type of work they will have to do with vulnerable people and which mentions whether they will act as a volunteer or paid employee
  3. return all documents to the police department

The Sûreté du Québec conducts the criminal background check. It will not send any document to an organization outside Québec. It only interacts with the person to whom the results will be sent.

If the organization is not established in Canada, no check should be carried out in a vulnerable sector. A request can then be made to the RCMP located in the embassy of the requesting country.

Depending on the results obtained, a person may also have to provide their fingerprints to the Sûreté. Fees may apply if the check is related to paid employment. If the check is for volunteering, there is no charge.

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