RL-31 Slip: Obligations of Rental Property Owners

Producing RL-31 Slips

Choose one of the following 3 ways to prepare your RL-31 slips:

  1. Use the online service Prepare and View the RL-31 Slip, giving the information required to access the service.
  2. Use software authorized by Revenu Québec.
  3. Use your own in-house software, provided that it meets the requirements of Revenu Québec.
If you have fewer than 51 RL-31 slips to prepare, you can obtain the paper forms by contacting Revenu Québec.
Filing and Distributing RL-31 Slips
Next, you have to:
file the RL-31 slips with Revenu Québec, in one of the following ways:
  • by uploading the slips in XML format, using software authorized by Revenu Québec or your own in-house software that meets Revenu Québec requirements
      • or, by using the online service Prepare and View the RL-31 Slip
      • or, by mail in the case of the paper version
  • distribute the RL-31.CS slips to your tenants or subtenants:
      • in person or by mail, for the paper version
      • or, by email if you have obtained their written consent

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