Public Sector Retirement Pension Paid by Retraite Québec

Notifying Retraite Québec of the Death of a Beneficiary of a Public Sector Retirement Pension, or of a Participant in a Public Sector Pension Plan

To notify Retraite Québec of the death of a beneficiary of a public sector retirement pension, or of a participant in a public sector pension plan, contact Retraite Québec.

However, if the declarant of the death has completed the form Application for the simplified forwarding of information relative to the death (attached to the declaration of death), the Directeur de l’état civil will notify Retraite Québec of the death. In this case, there is no need to provide proof of death to Retraite Québec. However, you will still need to contact Retraite Québec to learn what other formalities to complete and to apply for death benefits.

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