Renewing or Modifying a Lease

Notifying the Lessor of the Non-Renewal of a Lease in the Absence of a Notice of Modification

If the lessor has not sent a notice of modification of the lease and the lessee does not wish to renew, he or she must send the lessor written notice to that effect to the lessor within the period prescribed.

The Régie du logement strongly recommends that lessees use its form entitled Notice of Non-Renewal of the Lease by the Tenant, which meets the applicable legal requirements.

Proof of Delivery
The Régie recommends that the lessee send the notice of non-renewal to the lessor in one of the following ways:

  • Registered mail
  • Hand delivery (obtain a delivery confirmation
  • Any other means that provides the lessee with a valid proof of delivery

In the event of a hearing, the commissioner may require proof that the notice was delivered.

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