Residential Lease

Entering into a Residential Lease

To enter into a residential lease, complete the form corresponding to the type of rental concerned: 
  • Lease of a Dwelling
  • Lease for a Dwelling in Low-Rental Housing
  • Schedule 6 to the Lease: Services Offered to the Lessee by the Lessor
  • Lease of Land Intended for the Installation of a Mobile Home
  • Lease of a Dwelling in a Cooperative
  • Lease in an Educational Institution
  • Mandatory Writing in the Case of an Oral Lease
The above forms are available at the Régie du logement, Les Publications du Québec and its service outlets and in certain bookstores and convenience stores (dépanneurs).
Proof of Reception
It is recommended that notification be given to a lessee or lessor by one of the following means:
  • by registered mail
  • by hand
  • by bailiff
  • by any other means that permits proof of reception

In the event of a hearing, the commissioner may require proof of notification or service.

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