Health Insurance Plan: General Information on the Public Plan

Cancelling a Deceased Person's Registration in the Public Health Insurance Plan

For a death that occurred in Québec, the Application for the simplified forwarding of information relative to the death form, enclosed with the declaration of death, must be completed; no additional steps have to be taken.

Once the Directeur de l'État civil receives this consent, he sends the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec the information required for the cancellation of the person's registration in the public health insurance plan and, if appropriate, his or her registration in the Prescription Drug Insurance Plan.
The health insurance card is thus automatically canceled. If it has not been handed over to the funeral director, it must be returned to the Régie.
For a death that occurred outside Québec
Anyone wishing to notify the Régie of a death that occurred outside Québec must call or go to one of its reception offices.
If the health insurance card is not handed over at the reception office at the time of the declaration, it must be returned to the Régie by mail.

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