Program for Devices that Compensate for a Physical Deficiency

Obtaining a Device that Compensates for a Physical Deficiency

To obtain a device that compensates for a physical deficiency, present a medical prescription to one of the following providers, as appropriate:

  • a public institution or private laboratory authorized by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux if the device is 
    • an orthosis (see Definitions);
    • a prosthesis (see Definitions);
    • a walking aid (see Definitions); or
    • a standing aid (see Definitions);
  • a public institution authorized by the Ministère, if the device is
    • a locomotion aid (see Definitions); or
    • a position aid (see Definitions).

To find

  • a public institution, use the authorized public facilities online service;  
  • a laboratory, use the authorized private laboratories online service.

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