Tax Credit for Caregivers

Claiming the Tax Credit for Caregivers: Caregivers Housing an Eligible Relative

To claim the tax credit, proceed as follows:
  1. Complete the following forms:
    1. Schedule H – Tax Credit for Caregivers
    2. Tax Credit for Caregivers, if claiming the tax credit for more than 2 relatives
  2. Have a health professional complete the Certificate Respecting an Impairment if the relative has a severe and prolonged impairment in mental or physical functions.
  3. Attach the completed forms to your income tax return for the tax year concerned.
  4. Send to Revenu Québec before the deadline.
If the Certificate Respecting an Impairment has already been sent to Revenu Québec (with a tax return from a previous year) and there has been no change in the relative’s condition, the form does not have to be completed again, nor do you have to attach it again to your tax return. However, if the relative’s condition has improved you must notify Revenu Québec.

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