Ocular Prostheses Program

Obtaining an Ocular Prosthesis

To obtain an ocular prosthesis

  • from an ocularist who has signed an agreement with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec
      • present your valid Health Insurance Card and, if you are a recipient of last-resort financial assistance, your claim slip
      • pay any costs in excess of the maximum amount granted
  • from an ocularist who has not signed an agreement with the Régie
      • pay the full cost
      • apply to the Régie for a reimbursement, making sure to include the required information
      • attach the originals of your invoices or detailed receipts
      • send the application and required documents to the Régie
Regardless of where it was obtained, if this is the first prosthesis paid for by the Régie, attach a medical prescription from an ophthalmologist attesting that your eye socket or eyeball is able to accommodate an ocular prosthesis.
The list of ocularists who have signed an agreement with the Régie is available on the Régie’s website (“Ocularists” page).

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