Service Plan

Requesting a Service Plan

To request a service plan, a person with disabilities may submit a request to any institution or organization from which he or she receives services. This may be a rehabilitation centre, a local community service centre (CLSC), a school board or the Office des personnes handicapées du Québec.
In the case of a handicapped child or an adult who is unable to express his or her needs, the person’s relatives or representative do so on his or her behalf. They must provide the required information.
The Office plays a direct role in securing a service plan in situations where a handicapped person has not received a satisfactory response from the institution or organization to which the request was presented.
To obtain:
  • the contact information for a rehabilitation centre, contact the integrated health and social services centre (CISSS) or integrated university health and social services centre (CIUSSS) in your region
  • the contact information for a CISSS, CIUSSS or CLSC, use the Finding a Resource online service
  • the contact information for a school board, use the Recherche d'un organisme (in French only) online service

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