Adoption outside Québec: The Process

Submitting a Plan for Adoption outside Québec

To submit a plan for adoption outside Québec (interprovincial or international), proceed in one of the following ways, depending on your situation:
  • International adoption through a certified body: communicate with the chosen certified body and they will inform the Secrétariat of your plan once you have signed a contract with them. The Secrétariat will then open an adoption file, if applicable.
  • Interprovincial adoption or international adoption without the use of a certified body: contact the Secrétariat for the required approval before undertaking any steps.
Processing of the Application
The Secrétariat will verify that the prospective adopter meets all the requirements, in particular with respect to his or her age and domicile. Once the verifications have been completed, the adopter will receive a letter confirming that an adoption file has been opened by the Secrétariat, if applicable. This letter is mandatory in order to undergo the psychosocial assessment. 

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