Québec Breast Cancer Screening Program

Making an Appointment for a Screening Mammogram

Women who are eligible for the Québec Breast Cancer Screening Program are sent a letter inviting them to make an appointment for a screening mammogram. The letter includes a list of designated screening centres in the region where the recipient lives.
The invitation letter constitutes a prescription for a screening mammogram. 
If you don’t make an appointment for a mammogram, you are sent a reminder a few weeks after the invitation letter, accompanied by the documents mentioned above.
On the day of your appointment, you must fill out and sign the consent form at the designated screening centre. You are then registered in the program. You will have to give your consent again each time you have a screening mammogram done.
Within 10 working days after the screening mammogram, you will be sent a letter with the results, regardless of what they are.
If an abnormality was found, the letter will note that additional examinations are required for more definitive results. You will be invited to contact your doctor, unless the latter has already contacted you.
Only your doctor will inform you of the results of these additional examinations.
Consult a doctor immediately in the following situations, even if your mammogram was normal:
Breast changes: Nipple changes:
  • a lump in the breast
  • the skin of a breast has an inward fold (retraction)
  • the skin of a breast is wrinkled, like orange peel 
  • the skin of a breast is red, and the redness covers at least a third of the breast
  • sudden nipple discharge
  • a nipple that points inward into the
    breast (the nipple seems to be pulled
    into the breast)
  • the skin of the nipple changes in
    appearance or texture (for example, it
    may look like eczema but doesn’t heal)
You will be sent a follow-up letter every 2 years until you are no longer eligible for the program, for example because of your age or a cancer diagnosis.

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