Occupation Competency Certificate: Construction Industry

Applying for an Occupation Competency Certificate

If you have passed the “Cours de connaissance générale de l’industrie de la construction,you do not have to apply for an occupation competency certificate. You will receive it automatically, without charge.
To apply for an occupation competency certificate, proceed as follows:
  1. Fill out the Application for Registration or Modification of Identification File or Choice of Union Association form.
  2. Enclose the required documents and payment with your form.
  3. Mail your complete application or bring it in person to the Commission’s office in your region.
For more information on the “Santé et sécurité générale sur les chantiers de construction” course, contact the school board in your region or your employer association or union association.
To locate a school board office, use the Recherche d’un organisme online service (in French only).

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