Surviving Spouse’s Pension

Registering for Direct Deposit of Payments of Changing a Registration

To register for direct deposit of payments of a surviving spouse’s pension or to change a registration, one may either:

  • use the Direct Deposit in Canada non-personalized online service,
  • use the Direct Deposit in Canada personalized online service (ClicSÉQUR - Citoyens authentication required), or
  • phone Retraite Québec and provide the required banking information.

The person can also register for direct deposit when applying for a pension by filling out the appropriate section on the form or using the online service, or through the My Account online service (ClicSÉQUR - Citoyens authentication required) if he or she is registered.

Registering for direct deposit outside Canada
For direct deposits outside Canada, a authorization form proper to the area must be completed. 

Retraite Québec offers direct deposit in the following areas:

Algeria Czech Republic Japan Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Antigua and Barbuda Denmark Jordan Seychelles
Argentina Dominican Republic Lebanon Slovenia
Australia Ecuador Luxembourg South Africa
Austria Egypt Madagascar South Korea
Azores Finland Martinique Spain
Bahamas France Mauritus Surinam
Barbados French Guiana Mexico Sweden
Belgium French Polynesia Monaco Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Germany Morocco Taiwan
Botswana Greece Netherlands Thailand
Brazil Guadeloupe New Zeland Trinidad and Tobago
Cambodia Guam Norway Tunisia
Cameroon Haiti Panama Turkey
Chile Hong Kong Peru Ukraine
China Hungary Philippines United Kingdom
Colombia India Poland United States
Croatia Ireland Portugal Venezuela
Costa Rica Israel Réunion Virgin Islands (U.S)
Cuba Italy Romania
Cyprus Jamaica Russia

Change of Bank Account
When changing bank accounts, wait until the first payment has been deposited into the new account before closing the old account.

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