Assignment of a Lease or Sublease of a Dwelling

Notifying the Landlord in the Event of Cessation of Cohabitation

To modify a lease in the event of cessation of cohabitation, a written notice must be sent to the lessor within the prescribed time.
The Régie du logement strongly recommends using the model Notice Regarding the Cessation of Cohabitation form that it has drawn up for this purpose, as it meets the statutory requirements.
Proof of delivery
The Régie recommends that notices between lessors and lessees be provided in one of the following ways: 
  • By registered mail;
  • By hand (obtain an acknowledgement of receipt);
  • By bailiff;
  • By any other means providing proof that that the notice has been sent and received.
In the event of a hearing, proof that a notice has been sent and received may be required.

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