Process: Transfer of Ownership of a Vehicle

Register a Vehicle after a Transfer of Ownership Between Individuals

To register a vehicle following the transfer of ownership, the purchaser and the former owner of the vehicle must got to a Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec service outlet. Both will have documents to provide.

A new registration certification will be issued for the vehicle, as well as a licence plate if the purchaser doesn't have one already. The former owner may keep the licence plate that was on the vehicle before the transaction, and use it on a new vehicle.

To find a Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec service outlet, use the Find a Service Outlet online service.


If a person is unable to go to a service outlet, he or she may use the Power of Attorney form to appoint another person who can perform the transaction in his or her name.

Vehicle Record Request

In order to request a vehicle record before proceeding with the transaction

  1. Fill out the Vehicle Record Request form
  2. Enclose the required payment
  3. Send the request and payment to the Division de la diffusion of the Société or to a Société service outlet.

Verifying the right to register a vehicle

In order to verify that a vehicle can be registered before proceeding with the transaction, use the Check Wether a Vehicle Can Be Registered online service or call the automated response system of the Société.

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