Surviving Spouse’s Pension

Notifying Retraite Québec of the Death of a Beneficiary of a Surviving Spouse's Pension

To notify Retraite Québec of the death of a beneficiary of a surviving spouse's pension, no particular action is required if the death occurred within Québec. In such event, the death is reported to the Directeur de l’état civil who notifies Retraite Québec and provides it with the required information.

If the death occurs outside Québec, Retraite Québec must be notified and provided with a death certificate or a copy of the declaration of death.

Pension paid by cheque
Any cheque made to the deceased must be returned to Retraite Québec, who will then issue a new cheque to the succession.

Pension paid by direct deposit
If at the time of death, the monthly pension has already been deposited into the deceased beneficiary’s account, the financial institution, once advised of the death, returns the amount to Retraite Québec. Retraite Québec will then issue a new cheque to the succession.

The heirs of a person who was receiving a surviving spouse’s pension are entitled to receive the pension for the month in which death occurred.

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