Declaration of a Death

Declaring a Death

To declare a death, the declarant must fill out the Declaration of Death form. This form is provided by the funeral director, who must also fill out the section concerning the funeral director.

Next, the funeral director

  • sends the form to the Directeur de l’état civil, together with a copy of the attestation of death and, if provided by the declarant, the deceased’s health insurance card
  • gives the declarant a copy of the form and a copy of the attestation of death

The declarant should use the version of the form that is in the language of his or her choice, whether English or French. The act of death will be drawn up in the language chosen. Thereafter, the language of the act of death cannot be changed unless an error was made in recording the death.

If the version of the form used includes a Witness section, it does not have to be filled out, since the signature of a witness is no longer required as of December 6, 2013.

Simplified Forwarding of Information Relative to the Death
Certain ministères and organizations are automatically notified of the death by the Directeur de l’état civil. Other such bodies will also be notified if the declarant has filled out the Application for the simplified forwarding of information relative to the death, which is included with the Declaration of Death form.

The funeral director can do the following via computer

  • send the forms to the Directeur de l’état civil
  • request a death certificate or copy of the act of death, for close relatives of the deceased, and track the progress of the file for them

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