Death Benefits from a Public Sector Pension Plan

Applying for Death Benefits from a Public Sector Pension Plan

To apply for death benefits (e.g. survivor’s benefit or orphan’s pension) from a public sector pension plan, the spouse of the deceased, the spouse’s mandatary or the liquidator of the succession must complete the Application for a Survivor’s Benefit, as well as, if applicable, the forms Declaration of the de facto Spouse or Spouse in a Civil Union and Declaration of dependent children, and mail together with the required documents to Retraite Québec.

You will not have to provide a death certificate as proof of death if the person who fills out the Declaration of Death also completes the form Application for the simplified forwarding of information relative to the death. When this is done, the Directeur de l’état civil automatically forwards the relevant information to Retraite Québec. Both forms are provided to the family of the deceased by the funeral director.

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