Rénoclimat Program

Having an Energy Evaluation Under the Rénoclimat Program

To have an energy evaluation made before or after renovation work, an owner can proceed in one of the following ways:

  • By making an appointment using the Rénoclimat - Demande de rendez-vous online tool (in French only). 
  • By contacting Transition énergétique Québec.

At the time of the first evaluation, proof of ownership (e.g., municipal tax statement) for the dwelling must be provided to the Rénoclimat advisor. The required payment must be made to him or her at when the visit takes place.

Receiving financial assistance
To receive financial assistance, the owner of a qualifying dwelling must have respected the energy evaluation, the eligibility requirements for the program and provided his or her social security number or Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ) to Transition énergétique Québec. Nothing else is required. If the application is approved, the home owner will receive the amount to which he or she is entitled.

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