Solidarity Tax Credit

Claiming the Solidarity Tax Credit

The solidarity tax credit can be claimed in one of the following ways:

  • by completing Schedule D - Solidarity Tax Credit and filing it with an income tax return with Revenu Québec;
  • by using the online service Claim the Solidarity Tax Credit (Registration to My Account required).

Lessee or Sub-lessee of an Eligible Dwelling
If you or your spouse (see Definitions) are a lessee or sub-lessee of an eligible dwelling, enter on Schedule D the number of the dwelling shown in box A of the Relevé 31 received from the landlord. If you have not received a Relevé 31 from your landlord, contact Revenu Québec.

Owner of an Eligible Dwelling
If you or your spouse (see Definitions) are the owner of an eligible dwelling, you must enter on Schedule D the registration or identification number shown on your or your spouse’s municipal tax bill.

When two spouses live together, only one claim may be filed for the couple.

Tax Years Prior to 2015
To claim the solidarity tax credit for 2014 and earlier years, contact Revenu Québec.

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