Driver’s Licence: General Information

Cancelling a Driver’s Licence

You can cancel a driver’s licence in any of the following ways:

  • Telephone the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec and provide the licence number.
  • Mail the SAAQ a written request or return the yellow section of the payment notice concerning licence renewal. Indicate whether you wish to cancel the licence by checking the appropriate box in the Non-payment section.
  • Bring the driver’s licence to be cancelled to a SAAQ service outlet.

If you are cancelling the driver’s licence of a deceased person, you must also provide proof of death, unless the person declaring the death has completed the Application for the Simplified Forwarding of Information relative to the Death form enclosed with the declaration of death.

If you are cancelling your driver’s licence because you have been issued a foreign driver’s licence, show your new licence or provide a copy of it as proof.

To find a SAAQ service outlet, use the online Find a Service Outlet service.

If a driver’s licence is cancelled before it expires, a refund may be obtained for any complete months remaining before the expiry date. If the licence holder is deceased, the fees will be refunded to the liquidator of the succession.

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