Driver’s Licence: General Information

Replacing a Driver's Licence

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To replace a driver's licence, go to a SAAQ service outlet. You will have to bring the required documents and pay the necessary fees.

To find a SAAQ service outlet, use the online Find a Service Outlet service.

Replacement of a Driver's Licence outside Québec

To replace a lost or stolen driver's licence outside Québec, send a written request to the SAAQ's Division des services aux clients by mail or fax. Be sure to enclose the required documents and fees. You will be sent a driver's licence with no photo or signature.

To request express delivery of your replacement licence, provide the number and expiry date of a valid credit card along with the required payment. Only the delivery fees will be charged to your credit card.


Following your return to Québec, you will be able to go to a service outlet to have the licence replaced by a licence with a photo and signature.

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