Driver’s Licence: General Information

Paying the Annual Fees for Your Driver's Licence

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You can pay your annual driver's licence fees in any of the following ways:

  • Detach Part 1 of the payment notice that you received from the SAAQ, enclose the required payment (be sure to write your driver's licence number on the back of your cheque or money order) and mail it back to the SAAQ. 
  • Go to your financial institution’s counter or automatic teller machine with your payment notice on hand, or use your financial institution’s online payment service.

If you have to inform the SAAQ of a change of address or a change in your state of health, fill out the yellow section of the payment notice and mail it to the SAAQ.

Lost or Not Received Payment Notice
If you have lost or not received your payment notice, you must call the SAAQ.

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