Compensation for Bodily Injury Further to an Employment Injury

Applying for Compensation for Bodily Injury Further to an Employment Injury

To apply for compensation for bodily injury, you must, after consulting a physician, proceed in one of the following ways by the prescribed deadline:
  • Use the Réclamation du travailleur online service (in French only) and submit the electronic form.
  • Complete the Worker’s Claim application form and mail or fax it to the office of the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail responsible for your region. To find a Commission office, you can use the Nos bureaux online service (in French only).
In both cases, we recommend that you keep a copy of the form (paper or electronic) for your records.
Worker Eligibility
First, the Commission will rule on the admissibility of your claim.
Next, your attending physician must provide the necessary treatment for your employment injury. If, at the point at which the injury has healed as much as it is likely to, the physician believes that you have a permanent impairment, he or she will enter the results of his or her evaluation in the Rapport d'évaluation médicale form, inform you of its contents, and send the form to the Commission.
Finally, the Commission will determine the severity of your permanent impairment (expressed as a percentage) and the amount of the compensation for bodily injury (including interest).

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