Declaration of a Birth

Declaring a Birth

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Parents can declare the birth of their child in either of the following ways:

  • by using the online service Electronic Declaration of Birth (clicSÉQUR - Citoyens authentication required). They can also use this service to apply for a birth certificate or a copy of an act of birth for their child and track their file;
  • by filling out the printed Declaration of Birth form, which is given to the parents by the staff at the hospital or birthing centre where the birth took place.

The hospital or birthing centre staff will also give the parents a copy of the Attestation of Birth. The original of the attestation is sent by the staff, without delay, to the Directeur de l'état civil, together with the Declaration of Birth if the parents fill it out. If the parents prefer to complete the printed form at home, they must mail it to the Directeur within the period prescribed.

A birth may be declared in English or French. The act of birth will be drawn up in the language chosen. Thereafter, no change can be made to the language of the act of birth unless an error was made when the birth was registered.

Subsequently, the parents will receive a letter from the Directeur confirming the registration of the birth in the Québec register of civil status. They should verify that the information in the letter corresponds to that on the declaration of birth, and notify the Directeur immediately if there is an error.

Signing the Declaration of Birth
If the parents are married or in a civil union, either one may sign the declaration of birth. If they are neither married nor in a civil union, both parents must sign to establish their legal relationship (filiation) to the child. In the electronic declaration of birth, clicSÉQUR authentication replaces the parent's written signature. In this case, the both must have a clicSÉQUR identifier.

If the father is neither married to nor in a civil union with the mother of the child, and expects to be absent at the time of birth or the 30 days thereafter, he should contact the Directeur to find out how to proceed.

Birth Elsewhere than in a Hospital or Birthing Centre
If the birth did not take place in a hospital or a birthing centre, the parents must contact the Directeur to find out how to declare the birth of their child.

Simplified Access to Birth-Related Government Programs and Services
The Directeur will inform certain government departments and agencies about the birth if the parents complete either of the following:

  • the section of the online service provided for this purpose;
  • the Application for Simplified Access to Birth-Related Government Programs and Services, which is inserted in the print version of the Declaration of Birth form.

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