When a Couple Separates.

Dissolution of a Civil Union

Ministère de la Justice


If your civil union has broken down, it can be dissolved, ending the legal obligations and rights of the spouses. The dissolution leads to :
  • The partition of the family patrimony;
  • the liquidation of the civil union regime;
  • the settlement of the other consequences of the dissolution (child custody, support payments, compensatory allowance, etc.);
  • freedom to begin another civil union.  

Dissolution of a civil union

If you lived with your former spouse in a civil union and have no children, and if you both agree on all aspects of your separation, you may dissolve your union by a joint statement made before a notary. If you have children and have already agreed on all aspects of your separation, you can present a joint application on a draft agreement before the court; if you do not agree, one spouse may present a separate application.

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