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Type of Wills

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Learning about Types of Wills

Any person of full age, of sound mind, free of any pressure, constraint or threat.


A minor may make a will to dispose of property of little value, such as CDs, cassettes, a bicycle, etc.

For more information concerning types of wills, please contact a legal advisor or the Ministère de la Justice.

You can also visit the Wills section of the Ministère de la Justice website.

A bequest (see definitions) made to a spouse in a marriage contract or civil union contract is automatically revoked in cases of divorce or dissolution of the civil union, unless the testator indicated his or her desire for the bequest to be maintained.

Last wishes and funeral arrangements

A will may include a person's wishes concerning funeral arrangements or how his or her body is to be disposed of after death. However, since its contents are disclosed, in most instances, only after burial or cremation, it is preferable for such requests to be noted in a separate document accessible immediately after the person's death.

A person may also reach a contractual agreement with a funeral director as regards funeral service arrangements and conclude a pre-paid burial purchase contract so that these costs are not included in the succession. This way the person's last wishes will be respected upon his or her death.

Funeral arrangements will be chosen by the immediate family if the person's last wishes have not been specified.

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