When a Couple Separates.

Support Payments to a Former Spouse

Ministère de la Justice

Applying for a Support Payment for a Spouse or for the Review of a Support Amount

To apply for a support payment for a spouse or for the review of a support amount, the applicant must:
  1. Complete a motion to institute proceedings (see definitions).
  2. Provide the required documents.
  3. Serve (see definitions) the application on his or her former spouse, if it is made separately.
  4. Complete the form Statement Required under Article 444 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
  5. File all the relevant documents with the clerk of the Superior Court in the judicial district where the case will be heard.
Agreement between spouses
An agreement reached between the spouses, which can be negotiated with the assistance of a lawyer, notary or family mediator, can be presented to the Superior Court to be homologated by the special clerk.
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