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Support-payment collection program

Revenu Québec

Applying to Participate in the Support-Payment Collection Program in the Case of a Judgment Rendered before December 1, 1995


Debtors and creditors subject to a judgment awarding support payment rendered prior to December 1, 1995.


Participation in the program is possible in one of the following cases:

  • The creditor is not receiving the support payments owed to him or her;
  • The creditor and the debtor both apply for it.

To apply to participate in the support-payment collection program, the creditor must

  • Complete the Application to the Court Clerk concerning Section 99, Paragraph (1) or (2), of the Act to Facilitate the Payment of Support form
  • File the form with the office of the clerk if the court at the courthouse where the judgment was rendered or the one nearest the creditor's place of residence.

If the application is made jointly by the creditor and the debtor, they must fill out the form together.

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