Coping with a Loss of Independence

Disability Benefits

Applying for the Additional Amount for Disability

Any person under age 65 who meets the following requirements:
  • Has a severe and permanent disability (see Definitions)
  • Has contributed to the Québec Pension Plan for at least 4 of the last 6 years of his or her contribution period (see Definitions)
  • Is no longer able to cancel his or her retirement pension to receive a disability pension
The additional amount for disability cannot be granted to a beneficiary of a retirement pension under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

To apply for an additional amount for disability, proceed as follows:

  • Fill out the first 2 sections of the Application for Disability Benefits Under the Québec Pension Plan, i.e., the part concerning the application itself and the consent form regarding the release of medical, psychosocial and administrative information.
  • Attach a copy of any medical documents or test results (not including X-rays) related to your disability to the application.
  • Mail the first 2 sections of the form and the copy of the medical documents to Retraite Québec.
  • Fill out the top of the 3rd section of the form, the medical report, and give it to your attending physician.
  • Ask your attending physician to complete the remainder of the medical report and send it to Retraite Québec as soon as possible.
For the application to be processed more quickly, the application form can be sent to Retraite Québec without the medical report.

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