What to Do in the Event of Death.

Child Assistance Measure

Retraite Québec

Important Notice

This page is being updated. Meanwhile, as the information currently online may not be complete, we invite you to consult the French version. Thank you for your understanding.

If your spouse or child dies, it could affect the amount of your child assistance payment. Retraite Québec determines the amount of the payment on the basis of family income, conjugal status and number of dependent children, regardless of whether the children are in sole or shared custody.

If the deceased was receiving child assistance, the supplement for handicapped children or the supplement for handicapped children with exceptional care needs, the payments will cease. The person who becomes responsible for the child or children must file a new application. The death of a child affects child assistance payments, you must inform Retraite Québec as soon as possible of your child’s date of death.

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