What to Do in the Event of Death

Advance Medical Directives

Indicating or Changing your Advance Medical Directives

Any adult who is capable of expressing his or her wishes and wants to indicate his or her advance medical directives or change them.

To indicate or change your advance medical directives, you can use the Advance Medical Directives in Case of Incapacity to Give Consent to Care form. You can obtain a copy of the form in the following ways: 

  • by contacting the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec by telephone
  • by downloading the personalized form using the Advance Medical Directives - Download the Form online service (authentication by clicSÉQUR - Citoyens required)

Fill out the form and have it signed by two adult witnesses. Then, mail it to the Régie's administrative centre to have your directives recorded in the Registre des directives médicales anticipées, or give it to a health professional to have them entered in your medical file.

You can also indicate or change your advance medical directives in a notarial deed. In that case, the notary, will send your directives to the for entry in the Registre.


A person who is physically incapable of filling out and signing the form may ask another person to do so on his or her behalf. A person who is unable to read and write may do the same.

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