What to Do in the Event of Death.

Retirement Pension from the Québec Pension Plan

Retraite Québec

Important Notice

This page is being updated. Meanwhile, as the information currently online may not be complete, we invite you to consult the French version. Thank you for your understanding.

If the deceased was receiving a retirement pension from the Québec Pension Plan and the death occurred in Québec, you do not have to notify Retraite Québec as the Directeur de l'état civil automatically notifies Retraite Québec of a death that occurs in Québec. However, if the death occurred outside Québec, you must notify Retraite Québec and submit proof of death. The payment of the pension will cease in the month following the death.

If the deceased was your legal spouse, you may be entitled to survivors’ benefits. See the Financial assistance to survivors and leave section in this guide.

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