What to Do in the Event of Death.

Solidarity Tax Credit

Revenu Québec

Notifying Revenu Québec of the Death of a Solidarity Tax Credit Recipient or of the Recipient’s Spouse

To notify Revenu Québec of the death of a recipient of the solidarity tax credit, the liquidator of the succession must contact Revenu Québec.

If the solidarity tax credit is granted to a couple and one of the spouses dies, proceed as follows:
  • If the recipient dies, his or her spouse must claim the credit again by completing Schedule D – Solidarity Tax Credit and sending it with the Request for an Adjustment to an Income Tax Return form, along with the other required documents, to Revenu Québec.
  • If the recipient's spouse dies, the recipient must complete the Notice of Change in Situation – Solidarity Tax Credit form and send it to Revenu Québec.
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