What to Do in the Event of Death.

Child Assistance Measure

Retraite Québec

Notifying Retraite Québec of the Death of a Beneficiary under the Child Assistance Measure, or of His or Her Spouse or Child

Important Notice

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The death of a beneficiary under the child assistance measure, or of his or her spouse or child, does not need to be reported to Retraite Québec if the death was declared to the Directeur de l'état civil. It is the Directeur who notifies Retraite Québec of the death.

However, if the death of the beneficiary or spouse did not occur in Québec, Retraite Québec must be notified and a proof of death that meets its requirements must be provided.

The child assistance payments stop when the beneficiary dies. The person who takes charge of the child must file a new application for child assistance payments.

The procedure to notify Retraite Québec of the death of a beneficiary’s child is as follows:

  • if the death ocurred in Québec, phone Retraite Québec;
  • if the death did not occur in Québec, proceed in one of the following ways:
    • complete the Change in the Number of Dependent Children form, attach a copy of the death certificate or a copy of the act of death and send the form and the copy to Retraite Québec; or
    • phone Retraite Québec and provide a death certificate or a copy of the act of death.
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