Access to Your Medical File

Commission d'accès à l'information

Consulting or Obtaining a Copy of a User’s Record Kept by a Public Body

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The following persons may consult or obtain a copy of a user’s record:

  • every person 14 years of age or over who wishes to consult his or her user’s record;
  • the parent or tutor of a person under 14 years of age who wishes to consult the person’s user’s record (except in exceptional circumstances);
  • an advocate representing a person under 14 years of age who needs to see the person’s user’s record during judicial proceedings;
  • the tutor, curator or mandatary of an incapable person, who needs to see the person’s user’s record before making a decision;
  • any person who may consent to care for another person and who needs to see the other person’s user’s record, when that other person is unable to give consent.

 Access by the user
A user who has received medical care or social services may apply to any health or social services institution to have access to the information contained in the user’s record.

The application may be refused if: 
  • knowledge of the information in the record may be prejudicial to the applicant’s health; in this case, the institution must state when the applicant will be able to have access;
  • the information requested from the user’s record was provided by a third person, who could be identified against his or her wishes if the information is disclosed.
Access to a user’s record without authorization from the user
Access to a user’s record without authorization from the user is possible:
  • with a court order;
  • for medical research purposes;
  • in the situations provided for in the Act respecting health services and social services.

To gain access to or a copy of a user’s record, an application must be sent to:

  • the person responsible for access to information and the protection of personal information at the institution concerned;

An information document, called Request for acess to personal information (Public Bodies)  to help people apply for access to the personal information held by a public body.

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