Finding a Job

Find Out More about the Labour Market

You want to increase your chances of finding a job? Find out more about the labour market. Among other things, discover the occupations of the future and those currently in highest demand, employers in your region, and events or fairs related to employment.

Consult LMI Online (Labour Market Information)
LMI Online allows you to explore the facets of a trade or occupation and find out about the salary, training and openings, job opportunities, employers and other related subjects.

Find Out about Events and Fairs Related to Employment

Events related to employment take place regularly in Québec, and may be highly beneficial to you, as they allow direct contact with several organizations and businesses with labour needs.

Visit the Heading for Success
The Heading for Success website helps you check whether your talents and interests really fit with the career you wish to pursue. Discover, in particular, the vocational and technical careers with the best job opportunities by region.
Visit the Service Canada
The Government of Canada provides information and a wealth of tips for job seekers. Consult the "Job Bank" section on the Service Canada website.