Becoming a Parent

Register of Cree and Naskapi Beneficiaries

Enrollment, including Enrollment of a Newborn, in the Register of Cree and Naskapi Beneficiaries

Crees and Naskapis       

In order to enroll in the Register, the eligibility criteria provided for in the Act respecting Cree, Inuit and Naskapi Native persons must be met. 

In order to enroll, or enroll a newborn, in the Register of Cree and Naskapi Beneficiaries, please contact the local enrollment officer of your community.

For newborns, if the parents have submitted the Application for Simplified Access to Birth-related Government Programs and Services form included in the paper Declaration of Birth or in the Electronic Declaration of Birth online service, the officer will directly contact the parents in order to enroll the newborn in the Register. No proof of birth will be required
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