Becoming a Parent

Family Allowance

Applying for the Supplement for Handicapped Children

Any beneficiary of the Family allowance who has a dependent child with a physical or mental disability that significantly limits the child in his or her daily activities (see Definitions) for a foreseeable period of at least 1 year.

The child’s condition is assessed based on his or her capacity to carry out, unattended, the living habits of a child of that age with respect to nutrition, personal care, getting around, communication, interpersonal relations, responsibilities and education.

To apply for the supplement for handicapped children, the beneficiary of the Family allowance must:

  1. Fill out the “Parent’s part” of the form Application for the Supplement for Handicapped Children – Family Allowance, attach the documents required and send to Retraite Québec.
  2. Fill out section 1 of the “Professional’s part” of the form and send it to the healthcare professional who treated or assessed the child. The professional must complete that part and send it to Retraite Québec.

It is recommended that you send the “Parent’s part” and required documents as quickly as possible to Retraite Québec, since a retroactive payment could apply.

Retraite Québec may require a medical reassessment later on to ascertain whether the child’s situation has improved and whether he or she is still entitled to the supplement for handicapped children. The frequency of such reassessments will depend on the child’s situation and handicap.  

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