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Applying for the Supplement for Handicapped Children

Important Notice

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Any beneficiary of the child assistance payment who has a dependent child with a physical or mental disability that significantly limits the child in daily activities (see definitions) and that is expected to last for at least 1 year.

To apply for the supplement for handicapped children, the beneficiary must

  • fill out the section concerning the parent in the Application for a Supplement for Handicapped Children form;
  • if the child is of school age, ask the child’s teacher to complete the section on school achievement;
  • send the sections of the form concerning the parent and school achievement, if applicable, with the required documents, if applicable, to Retraite Québec;
  • enter the child’s name in section 1.1 and sign the consent in section 1.2 of the Professional’s Section of the Application for a Supplement for Handicapped Children form;
  • provide the professional (physician, psychologist, physical therapist or other professional) who assessed or treated the child with the section of the Application for a Supplement for Handicapped Children form that concerns him or her. The professional must send his or her section of the form to Retraite Québec.
Retraite Québec will process the application once it has received both sections of the application.
Retraite Québec may require a medical reassessment after a certain time to ascertain whether the child’s situation has improved and if his or her condition stills entitles him or her to the supplement for handicapped children.

The frequency of such reassessments varies depending on the child’s handicap and situation.

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