The Family Allowance Measure

Registering for Direct Deposit of Payments Received under the Child Assistance Measure or Changing a Registration

To register for direct deposit of child assistance payments or to modify your registration, do one of the following:

  • Use the online service Direct Deposit in Canada – Non-personalized service.
  • Use the online service Direct Deposit in Canada – Personalized Service
    (clicSÉQUR  - Citoyens authentication required).
  • Call Retraite Québec and provide your banking information.

You can also register for direct deposit when applying for the Family allowance payment by filling out the appropriate section of the Application for Simplified Access to Birth-Related Government Programs and Services form found in the declaration of birth, or by using My Account – Québec Pension Plan and Child Assistance (clicSÉQUR - Citoyens authentication required) if you are registered.

Change of Bank Account
If you wish to change the account to which direct deposits are made, do not close the old account until the first payment has been deposited in the new account.

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