Celebration of a Marriage or Civil Union

Choosing an Officiant for a Marriage or Civil Union

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To select a legally authorized person (e.g., a clerk, notary, mayor or minister of religion) as an officiant, proceed as follows:
  1. Ensure that the person is authorized to perform a marriage or civil union at the time and place in question by consulting the Register of Officiants online service.
  2. Contact the person.
  3. Fill out the Marriage – General Information or Civil Union – General Information form if the person is a clerk or deputy clerk, and give him or her the form at your interview.
To choose a personal acquaintance as your one-day officiant, you must apply for that person to be designated as such by sending the Directeur de l’état civil a duly completed Application for the Designation of an Officiant of a Marriage or Civil Union form. If your application is accepted, the Directeur de l’état civil will assign the officiant an authorization number (officiant code) and an information kit.
Interview with the Officiant
When you meet the selected officiant, you must:
  • provide the necessary documents so that the officiant can fill out the application for publication of the notice of marriage or civil union
  • pay any required fees

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