Partition of Benefits Accumulated in a Supplemental Pension Plan over a Separation

Applying for a Partition of the Benefits Accrued in a Supplemental Pension Plan following a Divorce or Separation

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    Apply to the plan administrator for a partition of benefits using the form made available by Retraite Québec, or by way of a letter, including all the required documents and information. Send this all to the pension plan administrator.

    The application for partition should be made as soon as possible after the judgment or agreement is finalized. Former spouses should not wait until the plan participant has retired before filing an application.
    The application may be filed:
  • by former married spouses, as soon as the deadline for appealing the judgment as expired;
  • by former civil union spouses, as soon as the notarized transaction contract and declaration of dissolution have been signed;
  • by former de facto spouses, as soon as they have signed an agreement on the partition of their pension plan benefits, but no later than 12 months after they stop living together.

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