Owner-Builder Licence | Régie du bâtiment du Québec

Obtaining or Modifying an Owner-Builder Licence

To obtain or modify an owner-builder licence, proceed as follows:
  1. Fill out one of the following forms (as per your situation):
    1. Application for an Owner-Builder’s Licence – Natural Person 
    2. Demande d’une licence de constructeur-propriétaire – Personne morale (in French only);
    3. Demande d’une licence de constructeur-propriétaire – Société (in French only)

  2. Attach the required documents and the payment for the applicable fees

  3. Remit the form, documents and payment to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec within the specified deadline as follows:
    1. by mail, or
    2. drop them off in person at the Montréal service point

Under certain conditions and for an extra fee, your application can receive priority processing.

Qualification Examinations
If the guarantor has to write qualification examinations, the Régie will inform him or her in writing of the date, time and location where the examinations will take place.

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