Provincial Elections: Right to Vote

Voting on Election Day

To cast your vote in a provincial election, you must:
  1. go to the polling station indicated on the reminder card you received in the mail
  2. identify yourself by presenting one of the required identification documents
  3. go behind the polling booth and mark the ballot paper using the pencil given to you by the election officer
  4. fold the ballot paper and return to the table
  5. detach the ballot paper stub and hand it to an election officer 
  6. place the ballot paper in the ballot box
If you do not have any of the required identification documents with you, you will be asked to proceed to the identity verification panel to prove your identity through other means.
To find your electoral division or information on polling dates and places during the elections period, use the Find Your Electoral Division online service. This information can also be found on both the information card and the reminder card that were mailed to you.
The election period begins the day after the day the order instituting an election was issued and ends when the polling stations close on election day. It lasts between 33 and 39 days.

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