When a Couple Separates

Adjustment of Child Support Payments

Submitting an Application to the Service administratif de rajustement des pensions alimentaires pour enfants (SARPA)

To submit an application to SARPA, proceed in one of the following ways:

  • Use the online service Filing an application.
  • Or, download and fill out the Application Form - Child Support Recalculation, attach the required documents, and either:
      • Send your form and documents to SARPA by mail, fax or email.
      • Or, drop them off at the nearest legal aid office, where they will be forwarded to SARPA. To locate a legal aid office, use the online service Find a legal aid office.
Once your application is accepted, you must pay the required fees.
If just one parent applied, SARPA will send a letter to the other parent requesting the additional documentation needed to recalculate the support.  
SARPA will notify the parents in writing of its recalculation of support, and will copy the notice to Revenu Québec and the office of the court in the district where the last support order was rendered.

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