When a Couple Separates

Legal Aid: Homologation Assistance Service

Using the Homologation Assistance Service

To use the homologation assistance service, the parents must go to a legal aid office after making an appointment. They have to complete the different legal aid application documents in order to fix the price of the service and provide the required documents to open a file. They can go together to a legal aid office that serves the place of residence of at least one of the parties, or each party can go to the legal aid office that serves his or her place of residence.

To find the location details of a legal aid office, it is possible to use the online services of the legal aid offices.

It would be preferable to complete Form H Application for assistance in homologation before to go to the legal aid office.


The parents do not have to be financially eligible to legal aid benefit to use the homologation assistance service.

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