When a Couple Separates.

Support Payments to a Former Spouse

Ministère de la Justice

Applying for a support payment as a former spouse

To apply for a support payment, the applicant must

  • file an application for a support payment against his or her former spouse either
    • as part of an application for separation from bed and board, divorce, dissolution of a civil union or annulment of a marriage or civil union,
    • as part of an application for provisional measures (see the definitions);
  • complete the form Sworn Statement under Article 827.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure ;
  • file a sworn statement concerning the accuracy of the information provided, and sign the form before a commissioner for oaths;
  • serve the application on his or her former spouse, if it is made separately;
  • file all the relevant documents with the clerk of the Superior Court in the judicial district where the case will be heard.
Two former spouses may also contact a family mediator to negotiate an agreement and present a joint application to the court.
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